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Stellarium not pointing to polaris after Polar Align

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Good morning, I have spend so much time trying to understand why this is happening... 

I do a polar alignment using Qhy Polarscope... 

Stellarium never shows dead center to Polaris even after I Plate Solve.. it is always a bit on the right side of Polaris

Any ideas why? is it supposed to be like that? 

Many thanks 


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Polaris is NOT the North Celestial Pole.

It is near to it but over 24hours makes a small circle around the actual pole.

When correctly polar aligned Polaris should not be in the centre of your view, you can use several apps to show you what "hour angle" the position of Polaris should be at for any location and time.


A Visit to the Sky's North Pole - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope

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