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Could someone lead me by the nose please ........ connecting ZWO ASI533mc to Zenithstar73

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As a newbie, in my previous post somehow my modded Canon 60d has died before I even got to shoot a frame. Rather than mod another DSLR camera I have bought an asi533mc. Could someone please help me decide how I connect the camera to my telescope ... I have a Zenithstar 73 with flat 73A, now arriving I have the camera and a ZWO 2inch filter drawer. I would appreciate some guidance as to what I need to fit in terms of the included spacers etc?

A totally absorbing hobby and I haven't shot a frame yet LOL.

Stay well all and thanks.


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Hi Paul, 

When I got my ZS73 with 73A flattener I emailed William Optics and they replied saying that " When you set the flattener at 11.4, you have to use the Zwo recommendation for 55mm back focus" with a link that will get you started.


Scroll to item 4 and it shows a solution using 2 inch filter draw.

Hope this helps.


Dscrollear Terry.
When you set flattener at 11.4, you .
When you set flattener at 11.4, you have to use ZWO recommendation 
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Hi Paul, 

That's what I did, flattener at 11.4 then I added according to the diagram, in my case for a filter wheel. It all seems OK to me, but I am also fairly new to this and was asking the same questions as you a few months ago.

Try it and when you get some pics you can check and see if the flattener needs adjusting.

Good luck


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