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Helmholtz, Neumeyer, Bousingault, Demonax & Boguslawsky

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I had a really good visual session tonight, enjoying good views of some of the craters right on the SE limb thanks to favourable Libration. Seeing was a little poor at times but with patience there was lots of detail to be seen at 200x.

So after I put the eyepieces away I captured some full disc images and then decided to put the Revelation Astro 5x Barlow between the D7000 and the Skymax and see if I could make a half decent image.

Half being the operative word thanks to dust on the Barlow lens which shows up tracking across the final stacked image (thanks to capturing the surface drifting through the FOV then aligning in Pipp), but still, it's nice to have a record of this group of craters presented favourably.


Also an annotated 'flyover' view thanks to LTVT


A closer look at the same view generated using data from the LRO Wide Angle Camera, overlaid with Digital Elevation Model data for the same time as my image.


And a pseudo aerial view


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