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L-extreme and Canon 600D First Light

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1 hour ago, Gerr said:

Hi, I have an astro modded 650D Canon DSLR and I used the Optolong Pro filter in imaging M42 night before last.

My skies are Bortle 6 and I was able to take 64x40 sec subs (ISO 800) of this Nebula using SW200P Reflector.

I am not experienced enough in commenting about filters yet but maybe my image can help in your discussions?

I do have the L-eNhance filter too and would anyone recommend using this in combination with my clip in L Pro on an astro modded DSLR???? I'm thinking probably not as the L-eNhance is essentially a dual broadband filter and this would  limit the usefulness of the L Pro in the same imaging train?.


I wouldn't put one in front of the other..wouldn't make much sense. Instead you could do some captures with L-pro and some with :L-enhance or L-extreme, then combine them (which is what I'd like to do when I can afford to get one of those two )  
guess you can extract both red and blue channels (Ha and Oiii/hb ) and make sort of HaRed+Green+Oii/HbBlue 
I assume that's how should be to add narrow band to RGB, but since I can't try it can't be sure haha 



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Seen a few questions on this so thought as I managed to get mine delivered a few weeks ago I would write something up. I managed to nab a couple of clear nights this week to try the filter I orde

Lovely images 😊 but I personally don't see what the extreme has added even in those conditions, for its cost I feel it hasn't appeared to do anymore than what the L enhance can do.  Below-600D an

Hi Steve, Will be having another bash at processing this at the weekend so will post something up if I get any better than the above haha with regards to the IDAS filter it did make quite a bit o

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Yes - that seems the way to do it. I never tried anything other than one shot colour so I wonder if you'd able to 'combine' images in Deep sky stacker alone or would you 'blend' them in photoshop? Like you, I have yet to practice this process - maybe someone knows a good way of combining images using said filters to achieve a good result?  

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26 minutes ago, Gerr said:

one shot colour

That maybe the way high end imaging is going. The likes of the l-extreme with the new generation asi2600 for example gives you H and O without the hassle.

For the rest of us, Siril has excellent algorithms to extract the H and O wavelengths. The narrower the filter the better.

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