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NINA not getting the image from my 1000D even though it connects OK

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I am trying to use NINA as a plate solver and I have run into an issue with it.

It connects OK to the camera and can fire the shutter etc. but I just get a black image back.

I have tested it in SharpCap and I can see the image in there just fine.

Just wondering if I have missed something 'obvious' :)

Thanks in advance!


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Beginner error. I had the ASCOM for DSLR driver selected as that's what I'm used to seeing in SharpCap

Turns out that will connect OK but then return a blank image - not helpful.

I switched to the Canon drive and all is well - image returned as expected.

So, all set for the next long run of cloudy nights after the last 4 clear ones.

Like comedy, it's all about timing :)


Not be making that mistake again in a hurry...

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