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First Solar Session of '21

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First session of the year as the Sun is out of reach from early November to end of January. Add in a busy work schedule, DIY projects and other interests and all of a sudden its March! First session after Winter is always a bit of an adventure, mount has been sat unused for 3 months+ and I've apparently forgotten everything I ever knew about solar imaging (didn't amount to a lot to start with). The mount needed a good clean up and the declination axis attending to as it was very stiff and had developed a heap of backlash. Still managed to cobble together a few images below, far from my finest works but a good start.

Feels good to be solar imaging again :grin:

Ca-K full disk mosaic shot in 6 panes and stitched in Autostitch. I'll go back to partial inverted disks with proms when I get my head around how I used to do it :dontknow: For now I've done a separate prom shot.





White light image of the out-going AR12804, same scope but using the Lacerta wedge, Solar Continuum and UV/IR cut filters and ES 2x barlow.


Finally H alpha, same scope again with the combo Quark and ES 2x barlow. A little bit of newton rings showing on the screen whilst shooting so I used flats for the processing of both images.




Apologies, orientations are probably all over the place but the brain cells need a little shake-down time!


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Nice set, good to see things back to "normal" David, had the same problem yesterday, first go for months and not only forgotten what to do nothing wanted to work, spent a few hours cursing the equipment and by the time I'd got a camera and computer to talk to each other Sun was disappearing behind the rooftops.

Having started yesterday just after Sun crossed the meridian with perfect weather and hoping for a time lapse on AR2804 I ended up with sweet FA, today everything sprang to life first time but weather and seeing wasn't up to much.


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