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Moon in colour 26 Feb

neil phillips

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Finally got the result i knew this little 4.5 F8 Newt could produce. Been improving collimation. No wind. Seeing wasnt too bad.

Was struggling with the EQ2 and the economy motor drive though. slop in the mount makes the drifting even worse. A quick process (3 or 4 hours)

Will do a more careful process later.  The QHY 462C camera is pretty good in my opinion. Very sensitive red and IR for a single shot colour camera

The texture looks almost sandy. But with no noise. stacking about 900 frames each per the 13 panes used out of around 4000 being captured. 





colour moon 26 febuary.png 75.png

colour moon 26 febuary.png

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2 hours ago, Tommohawk said:

Looks great, nice colour range and nice detail especially at the limb. Which scope was this I wonder?

Cheers guys. A 15 year old Celestron power seeker. The secondary has been hiliuxed the primary has pin holes in the coating. may get it hiluxed at some point 

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