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Frustrating is not the word. Tonight I've spent about 41/2 hours trying to get PHD2 working and no chance yet it all worked perfectly last night.  Just as I packed in last night I noticed an update for NINA so I installed it. Maybe that was the problem so tried APT and that was just the same.... PHD2 just seemed to loop around calibrating, stopping and repeating, messed with everything I could think of but no joy....

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1 hour ago, powerlord said:

Just spent the last 2 hours capturing subs of Orion.

With the Bahtinov mask still on.



Do publish it. It would make a nice change from yet another Orion.  😀

Regards Andrew 

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Oh  yeah,  you're DEFINITELY the first.

As we say of  retractable-gear pilots, there are two kinds: Those who've made a gear-up landing, and those who will.

(When I first checked out in such a bird, the fanged instructor so rewired my brain that whenever I flew fixed-gear a/c thenceforth, I still ran the gear checklist, except that the response, instead of "down and locked", was a look out the window and "down and welded".)

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Well.. Turned out I need not worry about the quality of the other pictures after I took mask off.. Seeing as I made the mistake of leaving the card on coffee table.. In reach of the puppy.. Sigh...


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13 hours ago, Clarkey said:

But more seriously, we have all done daft things before.

That's how you learn by doing daft things - like just last night I learnt to unplug the cables before taking my OTA off the mount...

And last year I learnt to put on the counter weight before the OTA and releasing the clutch...

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Cricky, is there something in the air at the moment, all these issues and frustrations going on. We all must be the most tolerant, patient people to carry on this hobby! 😊

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