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20 minutes ago, gary19 said:

I think this is a bit of an extravagance for a 5 and 10 year old. An 80mm carbon fibre triplet is a premium small scope mostly aimed at astrophotography. For visual a doublet is going to be lighter and will cool quicker, both of which are probably key considerations if you want to use the telescope as a grab and go instrument. 

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During our outreach sessions at the obsy, by far the easiest option for us is a small refractor on an iPhone controlled Az-Gti mount.  We just pick the whole thing up and walk outside with families an

OK, so are both grandkids likely to be around at the same time ?  I'm thinking about the age difference, the height difference, and the squabbles I'd have has with my sister (7 years my junior) if we

@Tiny Clanger Left field. Out the box. Call it what you will. It is a great idea. Usually when people ask about first scopes, the budget is much smaller and they don't want to risk too much, and the

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So sad the Edmunds Scientific AstroScan 102mm reflector is not manufactured anymore. Love it! I gave it to my son when he was 10. Nearly indestructible and a zero hassle to setup anywhere any second you have a mood:


The only comparable in usability thing is a pair of binoculars in your hands (but that's still too shaky in comparison). There is a rumor they are working on the clone and it is still possible to find it used, but at that age if neglected it might retain only a decorative (and DIY) value...

The "Heritage" recommended above is a way more flimsy and harder to setup and use thing.

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