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SharpCap and SV105 problems

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Hi all 🙂

I've been out tonight with my telescope and camera, trying to get some video of the moon. I've used my DSLR in the past, so have a rough idea of what I'm doing, but this was the first time that I've been able to use the SV105. I've had nothing but problems.

I updated SharpCap to the latest version and made sure that everything was working, the camera was detected etc. I took everything outside and set it up, got the moon in view using the 20mm eyepiece that came with my telescope (celestron astromaster 130eq), switched to the camera, and tried to focus using my laptop screen.

At first the moon was massively overexposed. I got roughly focussed, then tried to adjust the settings in SharpCap to get the exposure correct. I left the resolution and framerate at default to start with (1920x1080 and the framerate was blank), and adjusted the other settings, exposure, brightness, contrast, gain, etc. No matter what I changed, I couldn't get the exposure right. It was either overexposed, or really blotchy, like when you try to pull details from an overexposed photo.

I tried changing the framerate and it seemed to work a little bit. I changed the resolution too, to 1280x720, and that helped a little bit too. I tried recording some video with the various settings. I've played them back, and while they do look slightly different, they're all saying that they're 1920x1080 and 30FPS. Some of them have chunks of the moon's edge missing where it's so dark.

I wasn't able to get any of the videos in sharp focus, they all look soft and slightly blurred.

I'm going to test the camera again in the daytime tomorrow, just in case I've managed to damage it somehow. In the meantime though, can someone tell me where I've gone wrong please?

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