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Imaging Sirius B ?? How do you do that ??

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Hello there,

Well it's clear tonight and Moon will be big and bright .....( deep in the heart of Yooorkshire... all sing-a-long-now.....)

My mono-cam (414ex)  is a bit erratic at the moment ( horizontal bands!!??)  so I'm after a new target /diversion.   How about imaging Sirius B...... it is favourable placed at the moment.

Sirius and the Pup

So I have an Edge 8HD and various planetary cams    (  174m, 120mm, 224C )  . 

 Is the  'stacked'  sub-second exposure AVI  the way to go about it, or is the 'pup'  just too faint and I will need to lengthen the exposure to several seconds or beyond ???

If anybody has successfully done this, I would be very interested to hear how you did it ??      Maybe it is fiendishly difficult to achieve.

Any help welcome.

Thanks,  Sean.



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Thanks @ZiHao   that gives me a starting point.

It is at a moderately low altitude here in the UK,  that might give a bit of atmospheric turbulence to contend with.

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