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Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit

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34 minutes ago, F15Rules said:

Hi John,

Am well thanks, and hope you are too.

Yes, I would think these would fit those bins really nicely..the material stretches well, and you just need to push them back or pull them forward until you get to the point where you only see the view of the object and all around in every direction is just really dark.

At night I'm sure they will work brilliantly.



Thanks Dave.  I may be looking to make an investment with one. 

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Just ordered these for my deep sky observing with my Apollo 15x70 binos. Although I have used an observing hood these appear to be a better option especially when I use filters in the eyecup. 

Arrived today and fits nicely on my Helios Apollo 15x70 binos. I still have easy access to place my 1.25 inch filters. The big test will compare the view using these bino-bandit especially viewing ite

The Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit fits most binoculars used by astronomers. Reduces wind and glare in daytime and prevents ambient light from entering the eyepieces at night.  Made from sof

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I have just been outside using my Apollo 15x70 binos + Helios 2x40 star field binos. This device certainly stops light entering your eyes from the side including the Full Moon. You really need your eyes to go right up to the eyepiece otherwise I was not getting the full FOV.

I think once I get used to using them they will be a useful accessory.

I appreciate not the best night for seeing objects but I was able to pick a few clusters.

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On 25/02/2021 at 13:22, AdeKing said:

I have had one for a while, as recommended by @BinocularSky.

Very effective at cutting out extraneous light indeed.


I have them on all my regularly used binoculars, including daytime ones. I really, really like what they do!


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I had a quick 15 minute session to test the effectiveness of the Bino Bandits last night. Setup my lightweight mount and MAK127 & used Orion as target. Using Baader 18mm BCO,s the bandits easily mount over the eyepiece’s. Stood besides a lit window with street light reflection from next doors house & my garage lights on behind me. The bandit was comfortable & easy to adjust to conform to my face especially around the nose area & was able to block all surrounding light, leaving me to concentrate on the eyepieces with no distraction. 1st brief session looking good. A simple design & low cost accessory that can make a big difference. 👍

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On 26/02/2021 at 16:14, Ken82 said:

Is it possible to get a single ocular type for eyepieces? 

Yes. It's called a SpotSlicker Bandit (or sometiems just a Spot Bandit) - intended for spotting scopes.

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