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Really fancy one of these...

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TMB/Zeiss triplet 25mm aspheric orthoscopic eyepiece

TMB Zeiss made triplet aspheric ortho 25mm eyepiece with long eye relief and a generous 55 degree field. The ultimate in low power qualty optics with SMC coatings throughout.


25mm Focal Length, 55degree field, 1.25" , 20mm eye relief.



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Do you know how they get the AFOV to 55 degrees? (my Ortho are the clasic design with a 40+ degree AFOV) do they use extra glass?

That will be the aspherical element(s).

Just imagine - all the contrast, brightness and colour fidelity of an Ortho but with the fov of a Plossl. I'd really like to try one of those :lol:

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Murcus Ludes.....he's certainly made a name for himself around the web....made some very bold claims about some of his kit. Not always taken entirely seriously.

Reminds me of the guy who runs Orion Optics, although i'm not sure Marcus has been banned from any forums.


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I love Markus' use of English, even when he doesn't mean to be rude and abrupt...he is!!


If you get bored one afternoon search SAA for "Markus Ludes" or "Valerie D". They are certainly characters, very knowledgable but they don't care who they upset. The story behind why Ed Ting stopped reviewing scopes is in there as well!! :lol:


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not sure one could be justified for the skies in and around here so it would not get true useage but saying that its all down to cost I suppose but its a bit like having a new Ferrari to drive about it will on go as fast as the legal limit without causing problems

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