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Today's Solar Features in High Res & Wide Field | Feb 23rd 2021

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Hey all,

I finally got a morning with minimal clouds, and fairly good weather. It's been dreadful for months. Seeing was decent, not supreme, but quite good, getting into sub-arc-second seeing all morning and averaging a few peaks in the 0.8 arc-second range which allowed some higher resolution attempts. I didn't get to the maximum of the potential of the aperture, but was getting decent data at least which is better than I've had in a while with the storm conditions. I left the high res stuff soft processing wise. The big prominence field is gorgeous. The AR's are crackling with small flares and activity, some were so fast they changed in moments while watching.

































Seeing Conditions (decent, getting sub-arc-second often enough, most images were around 0.8 arc-seconds):




C8 Edge + Full 214mm D-ERF + Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter (2nd D-ERF) + PST etalon + 10mm BF + ASI290MM
++ As above, minus the etalon and BF for the photosphere imaging
100mm F10 masked Refractor + Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter (2nd D-ERF) + PST etalon + 10mm BF + ASI290MM
60mm F16.7 masked Refractor Baader Blue CCD-IR Block Filter (2nd D-ERF) + Lunt Cak & Altain Astro 395nm + IMX253 (discs)


Very best,

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Beautiful images👏🏾 The third one is really perspective-setting!  It was a cracking show today wasn't it.  Was v windy here so I'm not sure how my attempts at image capture (w a little 50mm!) will come out.  But I was googling FireCapture settings on gain & gamma at the side of the scope (my first attempt w FC) & came across a helpful post from you on CN 🙏🏾


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Those are incredible images! 👍👍

I like the way you show the scale with the Earth! Our wonderful world is not even a grain of sand in the big picture!

But it is a jewel of a grain!

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Superb images Martin, Sun has just about dragged itself above the tree line here so all I need now is for the clouds to go away.

Dave :clouds1:

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