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I’m currently setting up an SQM-LE, and rather than run a power supply to the housing, it’s seems to be possibly to supply power via the Ethernet cable. The input voltage on the SQM is 5-6V, but POE seems to be 48V?

Can anyone recommend a suitable device?


Thanks and clear skies


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you could use a passive splitter and then hang a 5v PSU at the local end, using the splitter to take the power off the LAN cable to a regular plug.

HSeaMall 1 Pair Passive Power over Ethernet RJ45 PoE: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

I use this type for my CCTV cameras since I don't run PoE switches and on a couple I also have an IR illuminator doubled off the same link, there's a few suppliers and they work fine. A smidge of dielectric grease on the LAN connection helps it resist moisture issues. You would have to consider volt-drop if running a long LAN cable tho.

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