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I'm sure most of you have watched The Expanse by now, well season 1 ep 9 at 22:08 has a funny blopper. For a series focused on space you figure they would know which way to point a dob :p

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Not seen it yet but will keep a lookout.  My guess is they were trying to find an object below the horizon, assuming the were not in a spaceship, in which case maybe they were hoping to sneak a view of a crew member in the lower decks?


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I bet you did not notice this beauty in the same scene:


and, no - that is not Dob - it is Skywatcher 200p on Heq5 mount:


Indeed - it is pointing "the wrong way" - but I would also point the scope like that when not in use - when you point it up - dust settles down on the mirror - this way it can't do that.

For anyone wishing to watch the show - in my view - it is a very good show and worth the time.


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3 minutes ago, Oakbeard said:

I did miss that one 😁 but is the mount not a neq6? On the newt that is.

Well - you are right, from that distance it is very hard to tell as both mounts look very similar:


except for the size - and I'm not sure if there is any way we could figure out which one is it - so it might as well be EQ6.

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