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A blinking star on the sky

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It is impossible to identify the star (or planet) without more information.  Which direction is the camera pointing, time and your location would also help. Also, your video is out of focus. You could possibly find out which star or planet it is by downloading  Stellarium Astronomy Software and comparing the location of the star or planet with the software.

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Strongly suspect this is just Sirius.


Sirius is a very very bright star and is usually quite low down in the sky.

Turbulance in the sky makes the star "twinkle" and Sirius is very well known for twinkling through the colour spectrum.

The star confuses the autofocus in many cameras so you get a fuzzy out of focus blob , but this actually helps you see the colour flashes better.

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Yes its sometimes nice to just take a few moments to admire the colours and count how many you can see.I like the occasional green flashes.😎

19 minutes ago, jibinjmannoor said:

Yes, I just shot this with my camera ...and it was handheld that is why lot of shake....it was nice to watch changing the colors..

Sirius is actually pure white and appears so when high in the sky in tropical regions.

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