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Saturated Lunar Surface, Feb 21rst 2021

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Hey all,

I am starting to really have an interest in saturated lunar surfaces. As much as I generally enjoy B&W high resolution imaging of surfaces, I also find myself just as pleased looking at highly saturated surfaces too, despite being lower resolution. I really am drawn to deep browns and purples. Anyhow, while this may not be everyone's cup of tea, I'm trying to learn to align the color as close as I can to keep getting consistent results before buying a large color sensor to work with further. So for now, I'm practicing with the only color sensor I have, the 224MC.

C8 Edge HD

ASI224MC + Astronomik L filter

Undersampled on purpose to get a wider FOV as seeing was ok, but I wanted more surface to see color with.

120 seconds at 150FPS and kept the best 400 on each one.

Aligned the RGB in R6.

Processed (sharpening) the luminance data in IMPPG

Layered processed outcome as luminance layer over color data for final presentation via CS5.1

Auto-color aligned channels in CS5.1 after already doing it in RS6 for what seems to be a better result maybe


I'm hoping to find an IMX183 cooled color sensor soon to match best to my C8 Edge based on what I'm experiencing so far.
















Very best,


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1 minute ago, callisto said:

Nice and crisp....is that a cat with the green eyes 😁

Lol, didn't notice till you pointed it out, then it creeped me out a bit.

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