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BBHS 2" Prism Diagonal - Does it have a barrel stop?

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Hi All,

Anyone have the Baader 2456117 (2" BBHS Prism Diagonal)?

Do you know if it has a barrel stop of some kind to prevent long eyepiece barrels touching the prism?

And if so, how long does a barrel have to be before it hits the stop?

The diagonal comes with a baader clicklock so I kind of assumed it would have a stop (other clicklocks I have come across all have them) - but this one doesn't look like it does.... maybe I'm doing something wrong? :icon_scratch:

Thanks :thumbright:

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I have the 2” bbhs prism diagonal. It does not have a stop as such and I was very concerned as you are however, I use ethos 6 & 8 with 2” barrel extenders and if you carefully slide them into the click lock they do stop short of hitting the prism. Also it’s safe with the ethos 13 without the 2” barrel extender and the 1.25” barrel is clear of the prism. It’s not a barrel stop as such but more of a slight lip that you can feel as you slip the eyepiece in. I use mine like this all the time. This was something I had to find out for myself but I’m quite happy with this and no longer worry about hitting the glass. Hope this helps. If you have any questions about this please ask as I found it hard to get any answers when I was in the same situation as you are. 

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53 minutes ago, Dantooine said:

if you carefully slide them into the click lock they do stop short of hitting the prism

Thanks @Dantooine, that's very helpful. 

I had noticed that the eyepiece stops initially but then continues in again when "encouraged".  Up to now I have been "encouraging" them in right down to the shoulder to ensure they are firmly and squarely seated.  Now I know better I'll change my behaviour and I'm pretty sure I will, as you have, get comfortable that I'm not going to damage the prism.

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