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Perserverance landing on Mars: Amazing footage !

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Who would have have thought a few years ago, we would be watching on the telly a hi-res video of a landing on another planet. Incredible.

It's just all flippin' incredibly amazing.

It's too exciting. I'll definitely need sedation when humans land!

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Thank you for that link John, mind blowing. I really got a grand scale feeling as you see that heat shield fall away and stay in shot. The quality of the footage very impressive, it was easy to pick out the gap in the wall of the crater just to the right of the landing.


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Thanks John.

No additional words needed from me. 

Just a sense of awe, wonder and humility.

And a heartfelt wish that back on Earth, we and our governments will truly rise to the challenges of saving our beautiful blue planet from turning into another red one..


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