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There are two main flavours

ST80A - A astronomical. tube rings, right angle diagonal

ST80T - T terrestrial. fixed short dove bar with camera tripod thread holes, 45 degree erect image diagonal




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Picked up a used ST80 on EBay as a wide-field companion to a SW Mak 127, and had only been able to point at terrestrial targets, align the RDF etc until last night presented an opportunity for a quick

ST80 = "Every home should have one"

Good to  know, particularly as I have an Orion one en route to me right now ! I also intend to recycle the stock diagonal and RDF from a mak , which are otherwise unemployed due to upgrades. I ha

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Follow up - have got out with the ST80 twice in the last few days - especially when the session is short or motivation to set up low it's a great option. Have been really impressed with its optical capability, here are notes from those sessions which given the full moon  have focussed on double stars - but also got a lovely unexpected view of M13! Am finding that the ST80 is great for figuring out where stuff is, then I can revisit later with the Mak for a higher power view. Took it out on the AZ GTi and its a great pairing, the scope's light weight seemed to tax the mount less than the 127 Mak + finders and that, coupled with the wider field (& some wise alignment tips from @ScouseSpaceCadet, thank you sir), meant that goto performed beautifully. Can see its only a matter of time (and money) before mounting them side by side... anyhoo, for what its worth here are some slightly random observing notes from my first real sessions with this amazing value piece of kit...

25.2 - 8-9.30pm 

ST80, BH Zoom, Steady seeing. 97% moon transparency: occasional high-level milkiness. 

N. Aligned Sirius Aldebaran

Goto Mars, accurate - nice gibbous disc but tiny.

Goto Uranus - probably, faint, greenish, maybe - not a point, not a disc. 

M45 - bit disappointed then realised I still had the Barlow on from Mars/Uranus - gorgeous view without, fantasised I might be seeing nebulosity... 

M42 - got stuck here for a while, wasn’t in the plan but crisp trapezium & loved the wide field. 

Mintaka - double-ish, very wide. 

Sigma Orionis - fantastic system. Double + a cluster. 

CM145/H3945 - Winter Albireo a bit moon/LP washed but clear orange- blue colour contrast. Felt good to find using RDF & star map. 

Sirius - no split. 

Beta Monoceros clean split triple at 50x - ST80 looks like a very good 96 quid ;)

Almach - lovely view at 12mm  (33x). Orange primary, white close secondary. 

M40 - I think, check the chart. Bit non-descript. 

Eta Cassiopeia  - split-ish, one for more mag/app. 

Went back to the night’s highlights: M42 - Sigma Orionis - CM145.  

Very satisfying hour and a half & home in time to be sociable. ST80 is going to get a lot of use! Crisp wide fields, scanning slowly up the sword of Orion from M42 to Sigma Orionis stunning. 


27/2  00:30 - 02:30 . ST80, Baader Zoom 8-24mm, moon if anything more dominant than earlier. 

Trudged back out to the park for  second session, late/early with an ST80 quick set-up. Skyscape radically changed from earlier evening session - lots of constellations in the “wrong” place. 

ETA Cassiopeia.  Yellow Orange spikes, clean white 2nd. Lovely. 

Fruitless searching in Cass for Sigma & Struve 173 . Got a bit lost. 

Retreated to Mirphac. Hopped to Double Cluster - lovely in wide view. Fantastic frame at 14mm (28x) , cheered me up. 

Castor - split but only at 50x.  Tried for Algieba but lost in the moonlight, looked at Regulus against backwash of moon. 

Thought about jacking it in, cold, moon obliterating Leo, Cancer & then some, got a bit aimless - figured may as well complete a 360 by star hopping. 

Back to Arcturus then Vega. 

Checked Safari & confirmed Hercules keystone.  Orientation very unfamiliar compared to summer! 

Brainwave: Hit Goto on M13 - perfect! A fuzzy at last despite the moon & a first for me, wanted to see M13 for ages.  Occupied more space in keystone than I’d expected. Got the Barlow out and looked at all mags - thought I saw the odd hint of a star/twinkle mid lower left with averted vision. Best view though at about 40x  - nice glow and framed by keystone stars.  This is going to be fantastic in the Mak. Looked for a long time! Spent a bit of time orienting naked eye between Vega & Arcturus so I can locate easily again. 

Had a punt at M57 the ring nebula but no chance, all moon washed + now 2.30 am, getting cold & tired. 

Finished night, appropriately , on Alberio - stunning pair, gold & green/blue both quite bright.  Wrapped up warm and looked for a long while. 

Walked home cold & happy through friendly, silent moonlit streets to a big Laphroaig. Amazing couple of evenings. 

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    • By stevebb
      Celestron C8 XLT + extras and SkyWatcher Star Travel 80 (ST80)
      I have a Celestron C8 with XLT Starbrite coatings. Will include the full length base plate, both visual and imaging backs, scope rings, front 8" end cap and the finder scope with it. No box I'm afraid. Optics are good and clean, focal length is huge - 2300mm from memory. This lot would cost close to £1300 new and one with less spec went for £750 on fleabay recently. Might be interested in a part exchange or will let it go for £450 collection only.
      Also, I have a SkyWatcher Star Traveler 80 - good optics, used as a guide scope - just the scope itself (does not include the barlow in the photo) - now including dovetail bar and scope rings looking at around £50 for it.
      I have decided to save up for another refractor, WO, Equinox or even toward an Esprit. However, I would also consider p/ex for an Intel NUC and/or Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox.
      Please excuse some of the colours - I used my astro modded 6D which was in the observatory so the "nice" purple is actually black !!
      Both these are collection only.

    • By Geordie mc
      8 inch Newtonian for visual or astrophotography use. Mount is a good solid unit. Comes with mains and cigar lighter power leads. 28mm 2 inch eyepiece. 25 and 10mm I.25 inch eyepieces and 2x Barlow. Skywatcher coma corrector. Red light torch (needs new batteries). Padded carry case for scope. Skywatcher ST80 guide scope with Skywatcher guidescope mount. Extra counterweight. Azimuth bolts are metal upgrades from Bob’s Knobs. Carry case for eyepieces etc.
      Looking for offers around £750 for the whole setup. (Preferred option). But,  I would consider splitting the scope, mount, coma corrector, case, ST80 and guidescope mount. Make me a sensible offer.
      I would also consider a swap for a one shot Colour ccd or cmos camera for deep sky use. Must be cooled and small bodied for Hyperstar use such as Atik Horizon os asi 533 pro. Tell me what you’ve got and we can work something out if the camera is suitable.
      i live in France in the Haute Vienne but am back in the UK at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire from Dec.20 to 28th. I could leave kit for collection in the New Year if that helps. Collection only please. Payment by PayPal only. Many thanks.

    • By Adam J
      Here we have a clone of an ST80 branded as Helios, 80mm Achromatic F5 objective. (OTA only)
      Its not in the best condition. Numerous shallow scratches to the outer surface of the primary being the main issue.
      However, my assessment is that its not quite ready for the great telescope graveyard in the sky yet.
      The scratches of course will not be resolved when in focus and so it will still work as a guide scope or perhaps something to let younger children loose on without fear of what they might do to your ED triplet.
      Its mechanically sound in terms of the body / focuser / tube rings, so perhaps someone can make me an offer on those components for spare parts?
      For the whole thing I would be looking for 30 pounds to make it worth posting it realistically, I think that the tube rings / focuser together are worth that as spares parts to someone regardless of the objective.
      If you are willing to pick it up from Lincoln then a token amount would be accepted so make me an offer. 

    • By mark81
      after a long hard week, with aching bones and wanting sleep, at 11 last night I thought, for some reason, it would be advisable to take a small telescope out into the cold and try and spot some galaxies. A thin slither of moon shone away near Leo and the not quite dark blue of the sky didn't fill me with much hope.
      I started finding leo52 which I couldn't see with the naked eye and only have a red dot finder but was lucky with my guess. Nudging down slightly and to my joy, there was m105, m95 and m96. I say joy, not because they were glorious galaxies or even faint fuzzies but just three brightish stars - there was no fist pumping.
      I then moved to Denebola and the tiredness came to the surface when trying to find comma6 through the diagonal but as with a diagonal left was right and front was back which threw me off course a bit but eventually saw m98 and 99- this time as small grey pixels.
      I continued on across to Vindemiatrix seeing hundreds of the faintest of faint grey pixels and rather than try to identify any I thought I would just enjoy the amazing notion that they were all distant galaxies. Amazing.
      I realise this is not the most exciting report ever, but I have a bad back and my neck hurts so someone else has to suffer just a little bit...
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