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It would be funny if wasn’t the second time it caught me out. Just spent 1/2 an hour rebooting pc, reloading drivers, swearing at Ascom. Never again! No Mark, the ST4 port isn’t a USB port! doh 🤦‍♂️



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43 minutes ago, Laurieast said:

Tie a label on it?   

I put the blank plug in it so even if i try really hard i can’t be that fool again (though plenty more opportunity for that ;) )

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I set up my ETX 105 and could not figure why there was nothing appearing on the camera at prime, I had not flipped the mirror from the eyepiece 🤦‍♂️

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Can't spell
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Lucky you. I cross-connected the DEC drive cable on my CEM25P to the ST-4 port one night shortly after I got the mount...what's all that red smoke? (I had a red LED headlamp.)

I pleaded in a letter to iOptron to make the labels readable.  I mean,  dark grey on black, for a bit of gear used IN THE DARK? Somebody's nephew got hired fresh out of graphic design school for that one. Failing that, at least ship the mount with empty RJ-11 plugs in all the ports, as markese68 suggests. Nada.

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