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Televue Tele-Pod: thoughts?

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I used to have the TV Gibraltar mount on the ash wood tripod, which I think is a bit heavier duty than the Tele Pod ?

The Gibraltar was good with a 102mm F/6.5 refractor but was not anywhere near as happy with my 120mm F/7.5 refractor. It was pretty hopeless with a 127mm F/9.4 achromat on board I'm afraid.

Normally I really like Tele Vue products but I found the Gibraltar mount I bit underwhelming really.


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There was a tatty Telepod with a metal tripod for sale on ENS recently that I toyed with the idea of purchasing, but opinions suggested it was best with small diameter short tube scopes and I decided that it wouldn't offer anything that my existing Manfrotto 393 head didn't already do.

Interesting to hear that you found the heavier duty Gibraltar mount underwhelming too @John.  I have often pondered over the usefulness of these types of mounts for scopes.


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If you are set on an alt-az mount, have you considered one of these?... (other brands of ‘T’ mount are also available).

left: AYO-AOK  -  right: Tele-optic Giro

The dovetail saddle plates can be removed, (note: only one can be removed on the AYO or both on the Giro), so you can attach a counter weight and bar and/or extension arm.



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