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Solar Imaging from the 18th February 2021

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Hi all in Astro Land. Please find new images from 18th February 2021. Scopes used were a Lunt 60mm Double Stack and an 80mm ED Badder K-Line. Camera was a Zwo Asi 178mm. False colour was added in PH CS2. Software used, SharpCap, Autostakker3, ImPPG and Photoshop CS2. 










20210218-1420UTellabryant-baader K-Line-col.png

20210218-1420UTellabryant-baader K-Line.png

20210218-1359UTellabryant-baader K-Line-col.png

20210218-1359UTellabryant-baader K-Line.png

20210218-1413UTellabryant-baade K-Line.png

20210218-1413UTellabryant-baade K-Line-col.png

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14 minutes ago, David Smith said:

Nicely done. Do you have to mosaic the K line / ED80 shots to get a full disk with the 178?


Hi David, yes and no.  I just about get a full disk pic 1,  but do also use a 0.5 reducer  without it I'm having to image at the next resolution down under region of interest. Hope that makes sense. Difference between the two in the images below. I think not using the reducer seems better.



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Pics added
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