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Ethos 13, or ES92 12, or stick with my ES82 14, or ... ?

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15 hours ago, Piero said:

Ethos, Pentax, Delos, APM XWA will all be fine. I find that that is more about loyalty to a certain brand, ergonomics, AFOV, rather than delivered quality.


Perhaps loyalty but more so becoming parfocal, such as interchanging amongt Delos and DeLite focal lengths. 

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I could wax lyrical about both of the ES92s. For me, acquiring them was one of the best decisions I have made equipment wise. The 17mm, as has already been mentioned, is particularly immersive and I l

You have to watch out for that floating in space feeling.  It can be unnerving 🤣:  

As others have commented, the ES92 17 is a truly stonking lump of glass, IMHO better corrected than any of the ES100 range I have owned or looked through. I've detected Cassini's division with telesco

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16 hours ago, HollyHound said:

I’d agree with that Don 👍

I’ve tested the Morpheus 14, XW14, Delos 14 and DeLite 13 in both an 80mm f/10 refractor (focal length 800mm) and 10” f/5 dob with ParaCorr 2 (focal length 1460mm).

Field curvature was very noticeable with the Morpheus and slightly more so with the XW,  but not visible with the other two, when used in the refractor.

Field curvature was (barely) noticeable with the Morpheus, again slightly more so with the XW, and not visible with the other two, when used in the dob.

I’ve just bought and tested (once) an Ethos 13 in the dob, and no field curvature is visible at all.

I find coma very noticeable with all these eyepieces if the ParaCorr is not used, so that stays in the dob for all sessions, but I’m aware some don’t find it objectionable.

The Delos 14 is my most used eyepiece in the dob for DSOs, but as the Ethos is the same quality with a wider FoV, it will likely replace it for most sessions. I have sold the Morpheus and selling the DeLite, but retaining the XW as it fits my XW set and still gives a superb relaxed central field view 😊

And my own dob has an 1826mm focal length, so is even flatter.  Since the longer the focal length, the less FC is seen in the 14mm Morpheus, does that mean its focal plane is completely flat?

Because if focal plane | is mated with (  you get ( in the image.

More likely, it's focal plane is curved slightly in the same direction as the scope's so ( + ( = < (really strongly curved)

And as the focal length gets longer, the 2nd curve gets flatter, reducing the impact of the ( in the eyepiece.

We all have the ability to tolerate a very slight FC, but not when the scope compounds the problem.

That's the issue, for instance, with the 14mm Pentax XW, which I also see as fine in my dob, yet that eyepiece has a ton of reviews describing FC in the eyepiece.

All from telescopes with more strongly curved focal planes.


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17 hours ago, HollyHound said:

Where they do differ is immersion... with the Delos, the field edge is visible, but with the Ethos, it isn’t of course and so it really does feel like you’re “floating in space”

You have to watch out for that floating in space feeling.  It can be unnerving 🤣:


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