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School Me On The Contrast Effect

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So, I have a bunch of Tak Orthos and one dull day (I know, so many, right?!) I thought I'd set the scope up by an open window indoors and see what the TAOs were like vs a new TOE 4mm I'd purchased recently but not been able to use yet.

The TAO eyepieces (25 down to 9) all performed identically (bar magnification). I could not see any colour or contrast differences between any of them.

The TOE worried me, though. I was centred on a power cable pylon about half a mile away. And first thought was, damn, that really is impressive magnification and sharpness. But second thought was slight concern at lack of contrast. It looked very washed out and lacked pop.

But last night, out in the dark observing the moon and stars, the TOE shone. Contrast seemed very similar to the TAO pieces.

Why such a day / night difference?

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"Open window" isnt good!  The orthoscopics probably appeared to perform well because of their lower magnification, where as the TOE at 4mm would be magnifying the heat currents washing out the Pop. 

Tak ortho's and a TOE - I'm a little envious! 

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Seeing the difference between high performing eyepieces and very high performing eyepieces is usually down to getting a night of excellent seeing. So most often I've found that there are no significant differences. Then a really good night comes along and you start to notice a few subtle differences. And that's what you pay for :smiley:

Well, that's my experience anyway.

The eyepiece is quite low down on Suiters "wobbly stack" of factors which impact sharpness and contrast.



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