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40 mm wide field eyepiece

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It took some time, but Rome can be built, I have one end of the spectrum covered! 

ES 30 82mm... I have one, but I think if buying again it would be the XW30 or 30mmUFF. Just sayin'

I have the 30mm ES-82 and the 30mm APM UFF.  The former has more of a wow factor, but has some issues toward the edge (ring of fire, aka CAEP).  The latter is narrower, but easier to use with eyeglass

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On 27/02/2021 at 00:13, Deadlake said:

Is the Stellarvue a clone of the XWA design, just a baffle and a steel tube on the bottom? Shame not available outside of US.

Stellarvue differences:

--stainless steel lower barrel

--metal focal length badge

--ozone and UV-resistant rubber in the eyecup and gripper

--slightly different focal lengths claimed.  The APM 5mm is a 4.77mm according to the factory specs, so Stellarvue's 4.7mm is closer than APM's 5mm.

Stellarvue says 3.6mm, APM says 3.5mm.  I'd put money on it being 3.55mm.  LOL.

Stellarvue says 13.5mm, while APM says 13mm.  That is odd, but they are the same, so I don't know which is accurate or if the truth lies between.

In my dob, that's a difference of 5x, which is unnoticeable, and even less so in shorter focal lengths.

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On 20/02/2021 at 11:10, Deadlake said:

@jetstream Gerry told me similar to Nagler 31 mm but lighter (Sure I’ll get corrected if wrong model) but lighter and not much difference. Hence I went with the APM, I don’t have Gerry’s dark skies.

Back to OP's original query, have you received your 30mm APM UFF?

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Louis D said:

Back to OP's original query, have you received your 30mm APM UFF?

Waiting on APM’s huge order to arrive, ETA is mid March.

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