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This is 20 x 180s of Ha, OIII and SII; I also took 10 x 60s of R, G and B but decided against using them. Apologies for Tejat Prior and Tejat Posterior, they seem to wish to dominate the image despite all my attempts to contain them.


Preprocessed in APP and processed in PI and Affinity.

As always C&C welcome.


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41 minutes ago, Zummerzet_Leveller said:

Nice work Adrian, I take it you are enjoying the RedCat!?

Thank you Jody. Yes I am really enjoying the RedCat - it's a really nice piece of kit and I am very pleased with the performance so far.

42 minutes ago, AbsolutelyN said:

That's fantastic Adrian, love the framing. Jealous of all these clear skies you are getting too! 

Thanks Tristan. I centred the image on IC444 but then decided to crop the image as well. Sadly the clear skies have gone elsewhere for the foreseeable (CO) future. :( 

16 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

Really high level stuff here Adrian, well done 🤩

That's very kind Adam. I tried HSO and HOS but decided SHO looked best in terms of revealing structure and detail.

18 minutes ago, glafnazur said:

Great images, lots of detail and great colour 👍

Thanks @glafnazur - glad you like them.

Really appreciate all the comments folks.


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