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Probably a simple question but I'm new to dedicated astronomy cameras. With my DSLR I would just set to AV mode and use an LED panel to take flats at the end of the imaging session. How do you do this in APT? By default, when selecting the Flat plan in APT the exposure length is 0.01, bin 1x1, gain is blank. Just wondering what settings I should set?

Also should I take Bias or Flat Darks with an OSC, along with Flats and Darks ?

Thanks for any help!

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So as above I'm testing taking flats, using APT's Flats wizard. It says an exposure length of 0.14531 seconds is required. Does this look right ? I'm totally new to taking flats with a dedicated astronomy camera. 

I'd read that I should be aiming for a minimum exposure setting of 3 seconds but if I try anything above 1 second it says the target ADU cannot be met.

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As I said in your other thread about this, if you can't reduce brightness of the panel put some layers of t shirt or paper between until you get a decent exposure time. 

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Try doing them in the dark so you can be sure of no light leakage. Add some paper between the light panel and dew shield and have your scope pointing up so the panel rests on top.

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