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Whilst waiting for clear weather, I decided to reuse some data that was previously acquired by my Skywatcher ED80 and my Esprit 150.   I used the Esprit data to get maximum detail on M106 and its companion NGC4248, whilst I reprocessed the ED 80 data such that the resultant background showed very faint objects.

The ED 80 data is LRGB whilst the Esprit data also contains a Ha blend into the red channel. On the processing side, I used RegiStar to align the Esprit 150 and ED 80 images and then used Pixinsight's Gradient Mosaic Merge to create a seamless image. 




M106 (annotated)


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On 10/02/2021 at 15:06, Sunshine said:

Fantastic image, such subtle detail visible in NGC4248.

Thanks for the comment :hello:

23 hours ago, tomato said:

Superb result, great framing, colour and detail.👍



23 hours ago, peter shah said:

love it....super colour and detail

Thanks Peter  - I think I prefer the colour in this reprocess of the ED 80 data - this time I used Pixinsight's Photometric Colour Calibration process. 


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