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Antlia 3nm Ha First Light with Osc.


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I managed to pick up a second hand 3nm in the for sale section here. I know that 3nm is not ideal at F/3.3 but I was looking for a filter that would work well under moonlight.

First I wanted to check a bright star for haloes so I went for Alnitak. All looks good here I think.


After watching the Hoys Stargazine episode I wanted to make a contribution so I slewed to the Rosette Nebula. I had to shoot though gaps in the clouds but still managed to get 32 300 second subs.

Shot through an Epsilon 160 with an Asi 2600mc.

Gain 100.

Processed in APP, PS and PI.

Overall very happy with the filter and with how the colour camera has done with it.


Starless for fun.


Bayer Drizzle 1916827103_Rosette_cala_bayer-1-St2copy6.thumb.png.542ae5ffd3afa8fc9154c2d049858c1e.png

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1 hour ago, Craig123 said:

Great pictures and detail. Looks like a good choice  of filter after all. 😊

Thanks Craig.

1 hour ago, Davey-T said:

Great result Richard, bought a 2" one and Baader filter draw, forecast looking good for Wednesday ATM so hopefully get a chance to take a few subs.


Thanks Dave, hope Wednesday holds up for you, looking pretty grim here for the week.

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