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COMPLETED - FOR SALE: Atik 16200 camera

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Large format mono camera in good condition.

The closest you can get to a full frame sensor without paying £4000-£5000!
I recently purchased it but realised this was too big for my telescope - so I am only looking for my money back.
Price includes guaranteed next day delivery to UK.
Bad pixel map, bias and dark frames for this camera can be found here:
£1800 without filter wheel.
I have also have EFW2 filter wheel with 2 inch carousel which fits on this camera and can be purchased for additional £200.

Please feel free to message me on if you are interested.






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19 minutes ago, Stuart1971 said:

I think SGL rules state you have to put a price on the item...and I dont think you are supposed to put personal info such as phone numbers in the ad...👍🏼

Correct in all cases.

@athornett Please include a selling price in the listing (forum rules) Your private contact details and link to the external advert have also been removed (forum rules)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Limited time offer to get quick sale reduced to £1400. This really is for short time only 1-2 weeks then if does not sell I am withdrawing camera from sale.

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