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North is up.
SW150p, ASI120MC, 2x Barlow,EQ3 Pro. 
300*1s stacked on Registax. Couldn't resolve it visually when taking a brief look with 10mm plossl and 2x Barlow at around 8.30pm, perhaps I should wait for the scope to be thermally stable first, before sliding in the camera in a hurry to take images.

Sirius B is clearly discernible in a 1 second frame as it gets higher.
The stacked image was heavily stretched in PS to reveal the faint background stars, to correct for the offset in position angle by rotating the image. Eventually, Sirius B is measured to be 64.5 degrees from north approximately, which is a 1.8 degree offset from 66.3 degrees obtained from skysafari. The distance from Sirius to Sirius B is 13" from the image, compared to 11.2", so about 3.5 pixels off.


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Very well done. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time but never got round to trying. Separating Sirius B from it's parent is no easy task. Your results have given me the kick I need to give it a go. Once again, well done !

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I've always wanted to see or capture the Pup. Not easy at 52 degrees North, but it's at its greatest elongation now so I must try again.

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Nice work well done! This is on my ro do list but getting the scope onto Sirius is a bit of a challenge for me. You've inspired me to try harder! 

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