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help with stacking and image processing software pleeeeze

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Hello all,

well i've taken the plunge and bought all my kit, now I could do with some help with the software bit. Firstly, I know NOTHING, (really really nothing) so i would like to make the whole experience as painless as possible for myself....don't want much do I ?

I intend to use a canon 50d unmoded with a cls clip filter first and see how that goes.(if necessary i'll get it moded later).I dont mind if the software is free or if i have to stump up the dosh for a good programme as long as its not squillions and designed to outsmart NASA.

is registar any good ? or are there better options around for your average uneducated numpty. will I need other software apart from the one to stack the images, to process them after stacking and generally fiddle around with the image ? if so any bright ideas ? again the easier to use the better.

Thanks in advance for you help

tony. :?

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The best application for stacking the images is DeepSkyStacker and it's free :thumbright:

I use DSLR Focus (You have to pay for it but I think it's only about 50%) but I dont know if it works with your camera? DSLR Focus help in focusing (Duh!) but also allows you to set up sequences of long exposures, so you dont have to press the exposure button on the camera by yourself :(

As for image editing, well Photoshop is the best but is very expensive, I think Paint SHop Pro is almost as good but is a lot cheaper.

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