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Scopedome Shutter Problem


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Good day.

I'm addressing this problem with our Scopedome shutter since December 2020. The problem occurs every once in a while either during opening or closing the shutter especially approaching the full-close position wherein it creates a loud "bang" noise.

After inspecting the dome, I just found out that the gear is now not touching exactly the latch hole of the shutter. Herewith attached below are the images showing the problem.

Any tips/suggestions on how to resolve this issue, particularly on the aligning them, what to use etc., if needs replacement?

Excuse me if there are incorrect terms. I'm not that familiar with dome components.

Thank you very much. Clear skies.




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Hello Aldrin,

I do not recognise the shutter mechanism - I have the 3m version - what size is your dome?

If the teeth of the cog is slipping out, then the motor assembly needs to me adjusted to make the teeth engage better. As I said, I do not recognise the mechaanism, so can't help you on what to adjust.

But the motor and rearbox should be on a bracket that can be adjusted. Could you take a picture showing how the assembly connects to the dome?



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