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My name is Ash, im 42 from the UK. I am disabled and use a wheelchair. I like stargazing but im unable to go outside at night with a telescope because I cant get too cold as it makes my disability worse, the sky is always cloudy and there's light pollution where i live. What i'd like to do is to stargaze online but i cant find anyone that does live streams of stargazing. How can i stream stargazing online please and what sites can i use to enjoy online astronomy?

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Hello, welcome to SGL.

Could you be a be more precise about what you are wanting to do:

- watch an internet site where an observatory is live streaming whatever observations they happen to be doing at the time

- watch edited highlights of the above

- book time on a telescope yourself and remotely control it to view your own chosen targets

- all of these

- something else

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I doubt there is the specific site that you would like. Unless you can link into the several clubs that are doing Zoom presentations in place of club meetings and most will be Zooming talks not scopes sweeping the sky.

If you are any good at searching the internet there will be groups and organisions that look at the sky for probably survey purposes and output the survey on to the web. The problem is finding such organisations.

There is the astronomy aspect termed EAA, Electronically Assisted Astronomy. That requires the purchase of equipment by you and then I expect some setting up.

The core setup appears to be a goto scope, camera and video output to a laptop. Never done any so that is very much an estimate and is I expect over-simplified. In effect you focus on to a camera and display the output on a laptop. I expect the problem then is getting the scope to goto accurately the next target especially as I suppose the ideal is scope outside and you inside.

I expect there are scopes outputting to the internet as said at the start. Maybe a search through ESA and NASA. Also try Swinburn in Australia. Does Oxford or Cambridge have anything.  Even Leicester or Herford Uni or St Andrews, basically any that have an astronomy degree/MSc/PhD.

With the internet you can search for and hopefully connect to anywhere worldwide.

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People can go outside to stargaze or look for planets, i cant do that.   Do i look at Nasa tv, or other astronomy sites rather than looking to watch online stargazing streams?   Please tell me what i can do on the computer inside, like i said other people go out looking through telescopes.   I joined SLOOH.COM but i only watch thee live telescope views at night.   

I'm watching a guy on youtube doing a live stream of an astronomy quiz while waiting for the mars rover to land.   He's so clever, can you suggest any books to get my knowledge better?   I want to understand the solar system and planets mainly.

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I have emails every Friday from Sky and telescope magazine letting me know what's up in the sky and various events.    I was thinking, because I'm a member of slooh.com online telescopes, whatever i find in my email that's in the sky this month, could i search for it on slooh then the telescopes could take an image for me?     The telescopes are online at 19:55 every night, unless there's bad weather.

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Another free and comprehensive Kindle astronomy book:

Openstax Introduction to Astronomy.

It's a fantastic free course book to work through while you're looking at solutions to your observing conundrum.

As is Galaxies, Stars and Planets - The Open University.


Here's also a selection of Aurora Webcams

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I don’t know if it is for you, but I am currently enrolled on a free course via the internet with the Open University. OU.

If you internet them (OU) and look at open courses, there is a course called called “using a remote scope online” or something along that that line.

The course is basic to medium and educational, and allows you to ask a scope on Mt Tiede in Tenerife to take a single sub for you and allows you basic processing tools to gain an image.

The Scope is called coast and you can look it up here telescope.org

I am currently doing the course, and the data gathered will mean I add data to a stars variability and build a chart of that variability.

Frankly I was astounded that a scope on Mt Tiede thousands of miles away from where I live, way beyond my pay scale took a picture just for me! And it is free. I hope to see you on the course.



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Don’t know if it of interest, but I’ve been tempted to have a go at creating some of the awe-inspiring Astro images as there seem to be more cloudy nights than clear. I don’t yet have a camera so I’m starting out by using raw data from here:


There are some really good tutorials on the web showing how to do this...

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