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IKO - IC59 & IC63 Ghost of Cassiopeia Data Release - Processing Competition

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Here is my contribution. Only found the data and the competition this afternoon, so a bit rushed. Great data by the way! I aimed for an RGB like image. I put Oiii in blue, Ha in red, and made a sythetic green out of 50% Oiii, 25% Ha and 25% Sii. Processing is a mix of PS and PI.

Thanks a lot FLO and IKO, great initiative for us that are clouded in, like me right now!

Cheers, Göran

Ghost RGB PImix PS37.jpg

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I usually process in RGB only, so it's interesting to have a go at narrowband for a change. Here's what I came up with in PixInsight: I integrated the three images using the Hubble Palette,

Here's my efforts. I imaged this at home last winter but ran out of clear nights. Once it was clear it was too low to the north and behind the trees. Two versions processed in PI, one in Hubble p

Nice to have something to process during this bad weather and while stuck at Home in Bortle 8. Herewith my offering for the  IKO - IC59 & IC63 Ghost of Cassiopeia I never seem to have mu

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Heres my last chance colour version, not really what i was trying to achieve in my head but my best shot with the time i have..really fun trying thou, many thanks for sharing the data set

This was done in PS, I chose this time to keep the stars, blasted each channel with Carbonies " enhance target and reduce stars "quite early on , along with levels, curves and a little noise reduction.. I choose not to use the make stars smaller function  as I found it to cause black halos around the stars, I'm sure it could have been dealt with in post but that's maybe for another day

I found the data very easy,and enjoyable  to use..

Thanks again


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Sorry for the slight delay but we are going to announce the winners on this weeks 'StarGaZine' on Sunday at 7:30pm GMT - we will also then post it up on the forum shortly thereafter.

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