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Stand back.....don't look at this one too closely. 

This is somewhat over processed - but it was necessary because of very 'noisy' data.....my fault once again for imaging in very high relative humidity (> 90%).

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ130ED

Imaging cameras: QSI 6120i

Focal Extender / Reducer:  Tak QE 0.73x

Astrodon Lum: 60x120" 

Astrodon RGB: 3x20x120" 

Integration: 4 Hours 

Final M78 Sign (1042 x 746).jpg

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40 minutes ago, peter shah said:

Its beautiful


34 minutes ago, Stuf1978 said:

Brilliant, probably one of my favourite DSO's :)

Thanks both for the comments. It is indeed a stunning area to image - personally I am sorry I could not have done better (there are some fabulous images out there). However - better than not trying it at all. Where I live, I am forever fighting high humidity and if I waitied for ideal conditions I would get nothing done. I may get an opportunity to improve on this one - but I suppose it could be much worse. 😏

(I will just add - don't forget I am looking at the full resolution on a 4k monitor....but as the post title suggests....if you stand back a touch, it does not look too bad).

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5 minutes ago, Tom OD said:

it just needs more data to smooth the noise.

Thanks Tom....yes, it needs more Lum to counteract what I have done in reducing noise. There is no substitute for more data to increase SNR....and I might be waiting a while for that. It is not humid tonight but Sahara dust flying around outside just now .. if only the wife would move inland (but no chance!).  🙄

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1 hour ago, Allinthehead said:

well worth continuing on this one

Thanks Richard.......I hope I can but the weather is just wall to wall cloud these days. I have also another one started that I really need to finish before I lose it.......but looks like this week will just be playing with old data 🙄

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