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Old Mercury Transit data revisited on a rainy day.

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Hi all, long story short. I'd bought my double stack unit just two weeks before the transit of Mercury and having very little experience of the Lunt double stack I didn't know back then about getting tuning right and being on band or how to obtain even illumination and clocking the double stack. Back in time to 11th November 2019. Anyway, on this rainy February day and being bored I decided to clean all my zwo camera's optics and also visit the transit of Mercury data with the post processing technique's that I have learnt, tweaked and discovered over the last 14 months since then. Some surprising results, lol. Not sure if one is of the Mercury transit with a transit of a seagull, pigeon or bird of pray. 

20191111-1416UTellabryantansit-mercury t.png

20191111-1416UTellabryantansit-mercury t-col.png

seagull transit.png

seagull transit-col.png

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32 minutes ago, maw lod qan said:


I remember thinking as I watched it, I know the Sun is big, and Mercury small, but wow that is small!

Yeah, make's you think about our place in the solar system/universe. I know the earth is bigger than Mercury. Venus transiting the sun would be a better comparison but still, "Wow" as you say.

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