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Need help breaking my bank balance

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Morning all


I’m looking to save up and upgrade from my star adventurer to a go to mount. I’m currently looking at the heq5, heq5 with Rowan upgrade and the cem26. The telescope I’m using at the moment is a sw 72 however I would like to future proof the mount a bit in case I ever want to get a bigger telescope. My other major factor is that I would like to leave it fully set up as I only need to move it about 3 metres to get it into my garden. At the moment I’m very torn between the ioptron and the basic heq5 as the ioptron appears to be lighter but there are very few reviews that I can find and the heq5 is £300 cheaper so that way I can put the saving towards a mono camera. 

what is peoples opinions on the three mounts?


Thanks in advance 



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I feel your pain - I had exactly the same decision to make last week. Originally I decided on the HEQ5 (no Rowan belt mod to keep the price down)  but when I went to order one - none in the UK. So, I managed to get the last CEM26 at Rother Valley Optics at the original price - I was going to order from FLO but I suspect they have pre-sold all their 1st batch (these still aren't in the UK yet) as the price now is ~£150 more expensive (changed last Thu/Fri). So, other than waiting (who knows for how long), the only option seems to be FLO who have only the GEM28 in stock (RVO have , thanks to me pre-sold all their 1st batch). The CEM/GEMs are half the weight of the HEQ5, have built in wifi , the option of iPolar (which I went for) & are a bit more accurate unguided so for me a no-brainer (no offence to any HEQ5 owners) and their scarcity speaks volumes I reckon. The 1st batch at RVO haven't arrived as yet btw

Good luck with the hunt


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