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Mesu MRK2

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Hi all

I purchased a Mesu mrk2 last year but barely used it. When it has been operating it has been experiencing  random RA drifts. 

when that happens then it’s pretty much KO for the night unless you restart it all up. 

at times the mount acts perfectly and guides under 0.70 RMS   

The drift usually occurs around the eAST part of the sky  WEST ( eg M82 around 2200 hours, to give you a idea where I am pointing if In the Northenhemp)  the sitech software reports it is “Tracking” no error shown in voyager  software  

 I am using a 14 inch ODK with the usual setup of camera and guide scope  

all the software is up to date  

the mount is well balanced and good cable management 

I usually point the scope EAST - unpark the mount and do a blind solve then “offset init”  ( making sure EAST is ticked ) then press SYNC on voyager  

I use camera LOOP phd2 which shows drift in RA, The camera shows the same RA error  when used independently 

I’ve sent a few emails back and forth to Lucas but is still trying to problem solve  

Has anyone experienced something similar before 

your suggestions would be great 














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Can't say that I know the mount, but just as an experiment could you setup the telescope (if it's possible) 'the wrong way around', so that what is usually pointing East is now pointing West.  Run the telescope the 'wrong way around' and see if the error still occurs on the same side of the mount (e.g. if it occurred on the East side, then see if it now occurs on the West side).  This should indicate whether it's something you're doing, something the software is doing, or something the hardware is doing.

If it's still doing the thing on the same side of the mount then I'd say it sounds mechanical, possibly a failing or poorly fitted / adjusted part somewhere, maybe after a year it just needs some maintenance (perhaps a bit of lubrication).

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