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Polar Illuminator

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Hi all,

I want to get started again with my old hobby, but I've forgotten almost everything! I have a HEQ5 mount that 'broke' many years ago, I eventually fixed it last year (I had to replace the power switch) but then I found out the led for the polar alignment no longer worked. I've just realised this product exists:


Am I right in thinking this will solve my problem? Will I not have problems as there would be a double alignment from the inbuilt one of the HEQ5 graphic inside? Hope someone can decipher what I'm saying 😉

Thank you.

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After shining a light through the end of the HEQ5, I've just realised that perhaps the above is simply an attachable external red LED, in which case potentially exactly what I need? I was thinking that it also duplicates the image (reticule)?

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Yes it's just a LED illuminated using a button battery, the graticule is in the polar scope. It's easy to make your own illuminator but just ensure the LED is only faintly illuminated, too bright and you won't be able to see Polaris.

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I had (for a long time) a red led with resistor to suit 12V, on the end of a bit of wire. Just shoving it somewhere in the general area when required.

Allows the wife to stay in the warm house😁

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