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Using two ZWO EAF focusers in Sequence Generator Pro?

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Sequence Generator Pro lists two ZWO Focuser options in the drop down menu for selecting a focuser (ZWO Focuser (1) and ZWO Focuser (2)).  

Does this mean that SGP can distinguish between two ZWO Focusers mounted on a side by side set-up?  

If so, how do you identify which focuser is ZWO (1) and which is ZWO (2) for the purpose of constructing the equipment profile for each of the two scopes?

I know that SGP cannot run two set-ups at once (although I believe it is possible to run two instance of SGP at the same time) but it would good (funds permitting) to have a ZWO EAF on each scope on the side by side set-up when selecting equipment profiles, rather than having to move one ZWO focuser between two scopes or having two different brands of focuser.

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From my experience the way to determine the different focusers is via the assigned COM port and selecting it within the SGP equipment window, via the focuser mechanic button prior to connecting. I keep a note of the different settings for each imaging system, especially important when running 2 instances of SGP within the same PC. The SGP manual is excellent and should help.

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I have two scopes, both with Lakeside focusers, I don't use both scopes at the same time though.  SGP has no problem distinguishing which focuser is connected, each scope has its own equipment profile with different COM ports.

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I don't think SGP can connect to 2 focusers independently but if you have 2 scopes / 2 focusers, then you can run 2 instances of SPG, focuser 1 in SGP1, focuser 2 in SGP 2. I have 3 scopes and 3 focusers but in SGP only 1 can be used for a given instance of SGP.

I suppose I could have >3 if I wanted, with as many SGP instances open as the system would allow.

It's the same with cameras, mounts, filter wheels etc.... only 1 per SGP instance (multiple drivers and com port settings correct of course).

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