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Managed to get first light on my newly acquired WO Redcat at the weekend. It's such a nice little scope to use :) This was captured over friday and saturday night from my bortle 8 garden with an approx. 70% moon parked next door to Auriga. There were some really strong gradients to remove, plus I couldn't really push the data any further to bring out more of the finer detail without killing the image with noise. 

113x240 second light frames with flats and bias (dithered)

William Optics Redcat 51 V1.5

Canon 450D self mod

Optolong L-eNhance

HEQ5 Pro

SW Evoguide 50ED/ZWO ASI120MM Mini


Stacked in DSS and processed in Siril and Photshop

Auriga Widefield Final.jpg

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36 minutes ago, simmo39 said:


Thanks :)

28 minutes ago, Ouroboros said:

Great image!  Auriga is one of my favourite constellations, particularly through binoculars.   

Thank you, yeah it certainly has a lot going for it :)

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