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Anker 10000 Powercore Trickle Charge and Star Adventurer

lune lupine

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Afternoon folks

I've ordered an external powercore (Anker 10000-pd-redux) for star adventurer and was intrigued by the Trickle Charge Mode  as I have read on this site and others that power draw of the SA is pretty minimal and some power units will time out consequently. Has anyone used this trickle charge mode successfully with the Star Adventurer?


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Well the anker 10000 redux turned up last night so in lieu of clear skies I just charged it up then plugged into the star adventurer and let it run in the attic! I ran it on the trickle mode  (designed for low power demanding devices that otherwise would time out) and the SA happily chugged along with no timeouts. 

I think using the anker device is better than batteries as it shows how much charge is left at all times and can be used to also power a small dew heater on the lens at the same time.  I'm going to let it run to test it but on the face of it it holds charge alot better than x4 batteries inserted.  Also will prevent the SA from accidentally switching on when batteries left in when travelling which is a bonus. 

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