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Has anybody observed this one? It's at opposition now at 8.5 magnitude and pretty close to Tegmine, so should be (relatively) easy to find even with the 90% Moon.

I'm going to give it a try tonight in my 20x80.


Clear skies!


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Success! The Moon was making it quite difficult, not so much because of the bright sky but because of the moonlight glare getting in my eyes. I put on a wide brimmed hat and it helped. South west of Tegmine there are three mag 7 stars which point to another mag 7 star, HIP39990. Eunomia was  west of it and quite dim at mag 8.6 but clearly visible in 20x80. I didn't see it in my 9x50 finder probably because of the moonlight.

It will be interesting to track it as it moves further west away from Tegmine over the coming days. I made a sketch:


Clear skies!

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Nicely done...

Over the last year or so I have been viewing with binoculars only and recently have been neglecting getting out - whenever I do I always sketch what I view... Seeing your sketch @Nik271has just given me that kick I need to wish for clear skies...

Nice sighting...


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