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Observing logs for children?


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My daughter is the proud owner of an ED80 on an AZ4 mount (thanks @davyludo for the lovely condition mount head) - tonight we did a brief session looking at some constellations naked eye - Orion Gemini Taurus and Canis Minor along with the bright stars (that I know off the top of my head), and then put the telescope on M42 to see the nebula.  As a complete non-observer, I really enjoyed the stress free experience.  I would like her to keep a record of the times she is out with scope, and of the things she looks at.  Can anyone recommend a format or template for this?  I think if we dont start on the first night out, then it will never happen.


Thanks in advance




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Ah yes, the joy of recording your observations, I record all of mine!! 
I would say just search Amazon, there are loads of observing record books with all the templates required. Most of them are under £20. You can download observing record templates of the net but I think books are better 

For your daughter I would also recommend a decent set of pencils. The books include templates for sketches which is great for kids 

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Hi Adam, 

You are more than welcome. Glad you're happy with it and that it's suitable. Congrats on sparking the interest of another budding young astronomer! Hope you both get to enjoy the experience together. 

I've started using the SkySafari 6 app which has an observation notebook. So far I've found it quite useful and easy to use. 




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