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how bad are (dim) scratches on a diagonal?

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I found out a diagonal I recently acquired from ebay has some very dim scratches on the mirror. I expect this to be caused by cleaning (I didn't touch it though!). Maybe 4 in total spaced evenly over the mirror's surface. I can't even see them except during daytime, when I hold the mirror close to an artificial light source. Then, at some angles, the scratches appear.
Anybody wants to share her/his opinion on how they find scratches on the mirror affect performance? I'm thinking, maybe it's not really an issue, given they're so dim.
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If the mirror were covered in scratches it would cause light scatter and smear the view, but from how you describe them they sound like sleeks. These may be the result of careless cleaning by the previous owner, and if they aren't that evident they may have little impact on the image. 

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Thanks for the reply Mike. I'm pretty new so for me it's not that easy to tell what the effects are. But from your reply, and some other people I spoke with, it should be o.k. to live with. I was just a bit disappointed when I noticed, but guess the previous owner didn't see. Got a message that the seller offered me a partial refund. I guess I'll agree to that then and just try to enjoy the views :)



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