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A nice group of sunspots today


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Finally I got to see the sun today and I'm testing my new BST Starguider binoviewers with a Skymax 127. 

There is a group of sunspots east of centre of the disc, a pair of big ones in a north-south orientation and trailing them another group of (three?) small ones aligned east-west.

The binoviewers work well on the small Mak, with the supplied 32mm Plossls the solar discs fits entirely in the field of view. I found it very comfortable to observe and an improvement on the cyclops view. 

Hopefully we'll see more activity soon with the new solar cycle picking up!


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Sounds great. I also managed some viewing earlier today, made a nice change from the rain :). I had some good views in Ha with my binoviewers and then dabbled with some imaging in white light and saw the sunspots exactly as you described.


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