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Cracking evening.21/1/21

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At last a clear sky , little dew and comfortably around zero degrees. I'd set up with specific targets in mind , but given the great sky soon drifted around looking at old favourites. A lot of colour up there ,

Sigma Orionis and what a beautiful sight of this fishhook group.

Lepus and" Hind's crimson" ( SAO 150058) , it's gone deep orange , a glowing coal. Slightly brighter and in Canes Venatici, Y ( "La Superba"), a lovely light orange. Reminded me to check out the bright  "Garnet" star at the base of Cepheus ,high  in the west.

Tegmine (Zeta Cancri) and even at low power , the triple popped out. It looked so easy at x240, a bright clean split. As it was nearby , the dusty M67 should never be overlooked , a dusty view.Had a look at that other splendid triple , beta Monocerotis, lovely and bright at x50. Reminded me to visit the outspread "Hagrid's dragon "NGC 2301 , the "Christmas tree", NGC 2264. M50 is a favourite here with so many magnitudes here. NGC 2352, "Avery's island" gave a flying bat shape.

Puppis and the fair dusting of M46 and M93. Hydra and the long chain of M48 , right on the border with Monoceros. Canis Major had risen by then and a good chance to compare the winter Albireos of h3945 and iota Cancri , the colour just beautiful.

Orion and a sumptuous view of the bright close iota Orionis and Σ747. The view at x50 is filled with interest , with the Trapezium on one side .

Second buch of cloud came over , just as I got NGC 2903 in the head of Leo. What a superb evening , hope that you get out for these feasts ! Under clear skies !

careful now,



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Brilliant Nick some great objects there my nemesis "Tegmine" I have not split yet, Clear here for half an hour then clouds rolled in then clear then clouds didn't know which way to turn. I ended up saying no point disappointed but not much you can do. 

I had "Avery`s Island" on my list I was looking forward to this as it was a first for me.

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Brilliant here as well last night for Orion and Leo doubles - trouble is, the wind was still strong and it was below zero. An hour was all I could take....


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